2017 – Kansai – Osaka Shi

In 2017 my husband surprised me with a trip to Japan for our 1st wedding Anniversary.

We went in August, which is typically the hottest and most humid time of the year in Japan. I was a little worried about the heat, because I had always heard so much about how the heat and humidity in Japan’s summer was so intolerable. And the previous year we had vacationed in Mexico for our honeymoon and I spent most the week in a hotel room with heat sickness.

Luckily for this trip, while the heat definitely lived up to its reputation, I was smarter and more prepared (not to mention there were ample vending machines scattered everywhere we went.)

We flew from Seattle to Vancouver to Kansai International Airport in Osaka, where we were greeted by a Mario Odyssey decorations which was really fun since at the time I worked for Nintendo of America.

Prior to the trip, I preordered us tickets for the Haruka Express with special souvenir ICOCA cards, so when we landed our first stop was picking those up at the Haruka counter then we caught our train to go to the Nankai Namba station. We would be staying at a cute little airbnb apartment, 6 blocks from Dotonburi, practically in the middle of DenDen Town (Electric Town) which was perfect since during the trip I knew I wanted to scour the used game stores looking for the elusive and coveted symphonic green Nintendo Gamecube (which I didn’t find, but I did find quite a few other little treasures!)

We were pretty tired after a 11 hour flight on a budget airline ( we flew Air Canada for $400 each round trip, which was pretty amazing, but it was definitely not the most comfortable flight, but it wasn’t the worst either. as for how we got flights that cheap, look up scott’s cheap flights. It can be a treasure trove of awesome deals on flights) so we went and checked into our apartment and then wandered back to Namba to grab some delicious ramen, into a Lawsons to grad some drinks and onigiri, then back to our apartment for a nap.

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